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Friday, October 19, 2018 
Stress Relief Through Massage Therapy


to help manage
post-exercise pain.

by Diane Palia,  CMT

Stress is common in today's fast-paced world, but it can take harmful physical and emotional tolls if it's not managed properly.
Massage therapy is one way to help manage your stress.


Massage Therapy FOR Inflammatioin After Exercise

 • Research through the Buck Institute for Research on Aging at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontarion indicates that massage therapy reduces in flamation of skeletal muscle acutely damaged through exercise.

• The study found evidence at the cellular level that massage therapy may affect inflammatioin in a way similar to anti-inflammatory medications.

• The study provides evidence for the benefits of massage therapy for those with muscloskeletal injuries and potentiall for those with inflammatory desease, according to the lead author of the research.


Get a great massage at Bay-O-VistaIf you are feeling stressed or out of sorts and would like to try massage as a way of gaining relief without the use of medications please contact me by phone (510-357-8366 ext. 21), text (510-517-3007) or email (paliamassage@gmail.com) .


        Diane Palia, CMT

Diane Palia, CMT   |   510.357.8366 ext 21   |   paliamassage@gmail.com

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