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Monday, November 20, 2017 
National Pickleball Champ Brings Clinics to BOV

Pickleball National Champ Gives Lessons at Bay-O-Vista

Pickleball Champ Helle Sparre

To Present 3 Clinics at Bay-O-Vista

Helle Sparre, 5.0 Professional and 2016 National Champion, will come help our members get better, more involved and gain that competitive edge. Sparre will put on clinics to Teach Strokes, Strategy, Paddle Choice, Teamwork, Fun and Love of the Game.

Upcoming 3 Drop-In Pickleball Clinics :

~Saturday April 8th - 12pm-3pm

~Saturday June 24th - 12pm-3pm

~Saturday August 26 - 12pm-3pm

Some of the Skills You'll Learn:

• Volleys from the Kitchen Line • Serves • Returns • Third Shot Drops

• Doubles Team Work • Who takes the middle ball? • Who takes the lob? • What's the right shot?


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